Conservatives ask Liberals:

Yesterday morning, while listening to my local public radio station, I found myself listening to a round table of “conservatives” being interviewed about their reactions to Trump’s first month as President. I was startled by several questions the panel let loose, which went unanswered because there were no “progressives” to answer the question. I found these questions startling because I found the answers obvious. The answers are a core part of who I am. The answers are part of the lens I look at the world through and influence my every action.

This will be part of an ongoing series.

Question 1 was stated in regards to video in which Trump admits to grabbing women without their express permission, and the subsequent allegations of harassment and sexual violations toward women and teenage girls. 

Trump wasn’t a part of the politcal section then. He was a millionaire playboy. What do you expect?

I expect any millionaire playboy, as well as any other human being on this planet, to act in a moral, consentual manner. I expect U.S. Citizens not to violate those around them. I expect my fellow citizens to comport themselves in a manner that obeys the rule of law.

There is a giant assumption in this question. It’s that I care whether it was Trump whom committed these acts. In fact, I don’t care whom committed these acts. If the allegations proved true, I would expect to see the criminal prosecuted, and if found guilty, punished.

More importantly, I would expect my fellow citizens at large to refuse to support someone who has been accused of physically, emotionally and sexually violating multiple human beings for an office so high as The President of the United States, until s/he has been investigated and the allegations dismissed.

The next logical step in any citizens life, after being recorded saying the things Trump has said, and accused of the things he has been, is a police investigation. It is not the most respected job in the country. It is not the highest office. This man needs to answer some questions.

So when I say that he should not be President, it is because I do not understand how a single fellow citizen voted for this man. The America I live in has a saying: United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

The America I fight for and work toward lives up that saying. Americans stick up for each other. We don’t stand on the sidelines. We do not let citizens get away with violence against one another. The buck stops here. I need my fellow U.S. Citizens to conserve our rights, and the rights of the women whom say they have been violated. 

I refuse to let anyone divide us, not even our President. 

My question for the people whom voted for and continue to support Trump is: 

A man is innocent until proven guilty, but shouldn’t multiple potential victims be heard and acknowledged by their fellow citizens? Shouldn’t the rules of law and decency come before politics? What is a more important message: growing the economy or knowing that if a citizen harms one of us, s/he will be punished?
Artwork by: @ShepardFairey


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