Life is not working.
How do we know?
People are yelling at us.
We are not performing to the standards of others.
Let’s rearrange ourselves then.
Put your arm in place of my head.
Put dirt in place of my heart.
Affix that wheel to your foot.
Now it performs to standards.
It looks like all the other wheeled feet.
What works for one is now demanded of all.
Function over feeling.
Rearrange ourselves into something new.
The old us was not worthy.
The old us was unloved.
Once we have conformed we will be happy.

But have we changed?
Can we change enough?
Am I not the same underneath;
working with new tools?
Does this new efficiency bring acceptance?
Are we now loved?
Or are our surfaces loved?
Our actions.
Our selves still floundering,
No longer even whole.


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