Last Call: Revisited

Hi All!

It’s been forever since I posted. It’s been forever since I’ve had something to post.   As some of you may know I started writing a comic about 2 years ago (loosely based on some role play on twitter) and have been looking for an artist ever since.  I suppose I’ve been somewhat passive about it but I’ve been looking for someone who’s artwork I admire and who’s willing to work for free (as I’m not getting paid either) and although I’ve started working with several artists, for some reason or another, the timing has never worked out.

Comic Con this year inspired me to start anew, and not take no for an answer. My goal is a new set of 3-4 pages every other Sunday. This is an extremely ambitious goal, as the other web comics I’ve seen do about the same and those are drawn by actual artists, not a writer for whom drawing on a schedule feels like pulling teeth. But hopefully, everyone else can grow to be as excited about the comic as I am and join the project. And hopefully this happens soon because I am trying to draw people, (PEOPLE!) and it is not working so far.

So this is the point where I get frustrated, take a break and write a blog about how I hate my people drawings. Stupid people. They should just stay in doors and never talk. Why does my comic have to have people anyways. Maybe they’ll all be bunnies. Who am I kidding. I don’t draw bunnies very well either.

IMG_0889 (2)

But in the mean time, since I’ve started teasing you all with tweets, I thought I’d tease you with half a page. So, without further ado, here is the background for the opening page and scene of The Last Call: Chapter One – Missing.

Cover Background color

Hope you like it. Hope I’ll have more soon. 🙂


One thought on “Last Call: Revisited

  1. Holy cats. That’s one helluva cathedral. Perhaps you should try something simpler lol, like maybe a polar bear in a snowstorm. That’d be a great setting for a comic. You’d just have to get good at drawing very animated noses.

    Seriously though, awesome idea. Bravo. Keep it up! And never take no for an answer.

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