Too Much Renaissance

I am a renaissance girl at heart. I love the clothes. I love the myths of dragons and unicorns woven into tapestries. I love the burgeoning intelligence of a race that has yet to reach its potential and has high hopes of getting there.

This is the heart of my problem. I’m a renaissance girl. I love art. I love film. I love a good 3,000 page novel and I love the free poetry book deposited into my hands in Venice. (C’est California, ce n’est pas Italie). I love practicing French, just to see how many words I remember. I love theatre and Rodin’s sculptures and the performance art of Pina Bausch.

I love my job at a coffee-house, despite the random crazy and rude, and sometimes crazy rude, customers. I love learning about the coffee farming and cultivation process. I love learning about sales and marketing goals and how the world of business works.

But with everything I love, I find it hard to excel at any ONE thing.

When do I find time to watch the endless amount of 80’s films that I consume as well as find time to produce the audiovisual elements of my electronic narrative?  When do I finish my acrylic paintings and learn how to use my new glass etching paints? How do I learn to balance the intake of artistic information, while supplying a steady outpour of it, while managing to pay bills on time and still find time to dream?

If you have any answers, feel free to post.


3 thoughts on “Too Much Renaissance

  1. you wont like what you hear… read… but how can you excel at one thing if you spend all your time doing everything at the same time? so if you dont care about “excelling” so to speak and just want to enjoy yourself then please continue doing ALL the things you love (insert ALL THE THINGS meme here please) 🙂 sorry for this useless advice… but yeah. have fun.

    • LOL. The ALL THE THINGS meme is the bane of my existence because it IS my existence. I want to consume the world, one lovely heartbreakingly beautiful moment at a time. Is that too much to ask? It shouldn’t be. 🙂

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