1/1/11 (Random Thoughts and Discarded Tweets)

  • I love when my legs act drunk, but I’m completely sober. It gives me a chance to go completely shiny.
  • Is that Molly Shannon? It is. Molly Shannon has kids?
  • Later looks up imdb page. Oh yes. Yes she does. Thank god they’re not famous, like Blanket and Soap.
  • Whatever happened to Amanda Schull? She hasn’t done anything since Center Stage… Oh. She’s in One Tree Hill. Crap. I can’t watch that.
  • Is 1/1/11 the beginning of the end in 2012?
  • Sometimes you hate water. It’s boring and bland and does nothing for you. Other times, it’s so refreshing and cool you would think, it held the secret to life… Oh wait. It does hold the secret to life, considering, we need it, to you know, survive.

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