The Adventures of Apartment Hunting in LALALAnd…

Let me preface this by saying, I know that what I’m asking for is a little ridiculous. So why do I ask for it? Because I have no other choice. What I can’t understand, is why you have to trick me into thinking you’re going to give it to me.

The Impossible: A nice, studio apartment, for about $600. It doesn’t have to have a full kitchen. It doesn’t even have to have a bathtub, but it must: accept cats (I know, shoot myself in the foot right there), have a decent amount of room in the living area, so that I can fit my bed, and the mini-fridge/bunsen burner I plan to get, and be located in an area that scares me to death to live in.

What I find:
1. Studio apartment, really nice manager, $615/month. Same for deposit. Apartment which is decent sized, has a full kitchen and full bath and is being renovated. Catch: The gang members with tear-drop tattoos who greeted me and seemed really interested in me living near them…. so. No.

2. Studio and bachelors, charismatic and fun manager who also happens to be a handy-man, really well taken care of apartments, a little small but they are pretty so who cares? $545/month. Utilities included, and built in mini-fridge and burner unit, which the manager built and installed himself to fit the apartment. Catch: The owners as that you make a WHOPPING 2.75 times the rent (1500 for those who are trying to do math in their heads), AND the only parking nearby is $115/month because it’s downtown. So…. No.

3. The place I just looked at. Manager says it’s $650/month, most utilities included, they allow cats, IT’S GORGEOUS and huge, with a full bath, walk-in closet, and FULL kitchen, decent size dining room. Catch: Apparently they told me the wrong price (gee, I wonder), and it’s actually $695, which means I might as well stay in my current apartment at $775, because the cost of moving destroys the savings…

Well let’s face it, I can’t stay in my current apartment, because I can’t make rent and my mom can’t continue to pay the difference.

I don’t know why she felt the need to lie to me and make me spend time looking at a gorgeous apartment that I CAN’T HAVE.


So. No.

Anyone need a roommate?


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