A Childhood Horror Found

I have been looking for this film for the past 10 years. The first and only time I ever watched this movie, I was 7 and it scared me so much that I had nightmares for weeks. It also had a profound effect on me. This was the first science fiction movie I ever watched and as you probably know, I’m a sci-fi freak.  I watched the film again last night before bed, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The film revolves around a family that has moved into a creepy house, secluded in the woods. The owner is a creepy old woman, whose own daughter has been missing for years. Coincidentally, her daughter bears a striking resemblance to 16 year old Jan, the new daughter.  It sounds like every other horror film you’ve ever watched, but where it goes from there is a big turn. The ending will have you both laughing and at the same time incredibly proud of the film. It has the feeling of the old Twilight Episodes while still managing to have cheesy goodness, and for an added bonus, it stars Bette Davis as the creepy old crone who owns the house. Even more of a bonus, the film was produced by Disney, which makes you realize why Disney used to rock, back in the 20’th Century.

I find it incredibly hilarious that I should finally stumble upon the movie I’ve been searching for, while larking around the imdb pages for Paris Hilton’s aunts.

Here is the imdb page for the film, and you can watch the trailer, and entire film on youtube.

Enjoy, and happy haunting.


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