THANK YOU!: Teachers Need A Lesson

I love, Love, LOVE this feminist blog called Tiger Beatdown, and couldn’t help but cry for joy! when I found this article. Parents and teachers who stand by and do nothing in the face of bullying are in effect actually choosing a side. Their side is chosen for them when they allow hatred to rule the school hallways. It’s not okay to stay neutral, in fact, it’s extremely detrimental. This goes along with a tweet I wrote a couple weeks ago, and I think we can all agree, an example needs to be set. If we don’t hold our children accountable for their actions, how can they ever become positive and functioning adults who are role-models to their own children?



Teachers have the explicit responsibility of punishing violent harassment and bigotry in their schools. You find a kid doing it, you punish him. If the kid’s parents object? Tell them that it’s their job to make him stop doing it, so that he doesn’t receive further punishment. Tell the kid, and the parents, that we don’t do those things in normal, non-asshole society, and we certainly don’t do them in school, and that people who do them often don’t graduate your school, what with all the expelling that tends to happen. If you can suspend a kid for wearing a t-shirt that violates dress code, you can suspend a kid for calling another kid “faggot.” It’s really not that hard.

Read the whole article here.


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