#NoH8 Is Really About….


I’m a big fan of love. Not just romantic love, but friend love, and family love. Love for your fellow man and love for all living beings. #NoH8 should not be regarded simply as the fighting for gay marriage. It’s a large part, but more importantly, it’s about accepting others and their rights to live as they choose. Each of us, has the right to live life to the fullest, doing what makes us happy, without judgement, or at least without confinement or direct bullying. I live my life with one rule: If it harms none, do as you will.

I’m super proud of Perez for committing to a non-bullying policy. He has my full support. Too many times comedians and entertainment personalities fall back on the easy jokes to get a laugh. They can be incredibly insensitive, racist, sexist, etc.  Yes, it’s all said in fun, and you can say that others are too sensitive, but when a person is confronted with hatred and degration for their personal lifestyle on a daily basis, it’s not okay. It leads to serious mental health problems. Some of you may say that everyone needs to take their lumps, and I agree that being confronted with opposing views and arguments is necessary to create a full and well-developed life. There is a difference however. On one hand you have a joke or comment which is said with love and the understanding that when the argument is through, you will still respect each other as human beings. On the other, you have hatred spewed without thought or care as to how the other person is receiving it, or their feelings. We all have feelings. We all need to take more care with how we conduct our actions. We all need to recognize that there IS two sides to every story, and even when you bring religion into the mix, there is not always a clear answer. What you believe is different from the presbyterian to your left and the Wiccan to your right. Even what God believes, is different from what the fallen angel believes. We have doubts. We have beliefs. We have faith. No one on earth can ever truly know the answer. Let’s respect each other in each individual quest to find happiness on earth.

#BeTheChange #LoveWins


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