New Cry of the Tiger Excerpt

I can never work one thing for extended amounts of time. As a result things take very long to be finished. Las week I created 10 more pages of The Last Call comic. This week brings more work from my forthcoming Cry of the Tiger series. Work has also been buoyed by the thought that even if I don’t find a publisher, I can always publish it myself, and so no matter what, you all will get your hands on it. Hope you enjoy this small excerpt from today’s work.


“I almost wish I hadn’t turned around to look. Why couldn’t I have just kept going. Keep my head down. The way all of the others do it. The Stones tell them not to look and so they don’t. They follow. They all follow. Why can’t I follow too? Damon wished he lived still on the simplicity of bomb and run, destruction with a cause, but Damon did look. When he looked he saw. When he saw, his heart broke. The roaring he might have dismissed before, became a thousand individual screams, now emitting from the plant. The tears of every child’s face were the lens which pulled his world into focus. The past three years had been blind work in the dark for a cause he needed to believe in beyond all reason. Without the cause he was nothing. Now he had no cause, but he was something, and the word felt like dung in his mouth. Terrorist. I am a terrorist. I am worse than the people who came into my home and murdered my parents in their beds. I don’t even spare the children. Still the people had run screaming around him, as his harsh realization nailed his feet where he stood. He was standing in the center of a war zone, people and fire and smoke and tears, but the sun was still shining. I hate the sun, Damon thought to himself, and moved through the crowd towards his friends, all of them killers and murders.”


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