I stumbled upon this british horror film from the 1970’s and fell in love. The film is about Mumsy, Nanny, Girly and Sonny, a family in the english country side who lure unsuspecting “new friends” to their home to play childish games. The games are twisted however until someone ends up dead.

The games and family are both innocent in their childish manner and twistedly sadistic, featuring Girly and Sonny who play at things they can’t understand, and ruled over by a psychotic Mumsy who makes sure everyone “plays by the rules.”

The film is about what makes people the way they are while also being a sexual awakening story. It explores sexual fantasy and what is hidden under every person’s public facade? What makes a family? Even more to it’s merit, all of this is shown without showing a single drop of blood and absolutely no nudity.

I don’t want to give too much away, because it’s a truly fantastic film, so go watch it, and we can chat about it later.



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