I have a Fantasy…

I have a reoccurring idea about my ideal house. Out in the middle of the US soil, where no one cares to bother me: solar panel roof, cloister center with a garden big enough for the whole family. A full two story library which manages to be imposing and cozy at the same time with french doors opening to the garden. It would be a modern day castle of stone, glass and wood paneling.

I would grow my own vegetables and herbs. I would plant spider lillies, canterbury bells and snap dragons of all colors.

There would be spiral metal staircases and hidden side doors in the walls. A large sitting room with space to dance and a bar. The first floor would be raised slightly to allow windows for the basement. I hate creepy basements. The bedrooms would all be in the attic, with slanted ceilings and window settees and balconies which open right onto the roof.

I have this image in my mind… and perhaps one day I’ll get there.

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