PETA Human Meat Packages

PETA staged another protest against meat eaters with nude volunteers covered in blood and packaged out on the streets of New York. The images, as shown below were very graphic.

I say kudos to PETA who has come up with a very (although aggressive) thought-provoking format. While you believe in vegetarianism or not, you’re still forced to stop and think for a moment, which is what life is all about. You should be forced to question your lifestyle on a regular basis, to keep yourself honest.

This said, now I go into my vegetarian “shpeal.” In an interview from the NY Post here, a woman says “The good lord made animals for a reason.” My response for that logic is, yes, he did, and because we are all God’s creatures, then we need to treat each other with respectful, and humane ways. 

We don’t keep people behind fences, or keep children immobile for their entire lives to soften their meat, before murdering them at age 10, before they get to old.  Why should this be done to animals then? This is the message.

Now some of you may balk at the message of humans and animals on the same playing field,  I would say that until we learn to stop seeing ourselves as separate from the other creatures of the earth and all life’s organisms, then we will never truly thrive, and learn the secrets of the universe. Maintaining that we, humans, alone are different, is like having a huge set of blinders on. It’s just not an intelligent way of looking at things, and frankly, it’s time to make a change. We have, after all, been doing it the “meat-eating I am man, hear me roar” way for a several thousand years. Let’s try living life it a new way now.


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