How Could You Possibly Know Anything About A Person In 3 Minutes?

I’ve stumbled upon Web Therapy, a web series starring Lisa Kudrow, and it perhaps the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a long while. The format makes me incredibly uncomfortable and that’s a good thing. How Could You Possibly Know ANYTHING About A Person In 3 Minutes? In this series… you can.

Lisa Kudrow stars as a therapist who herself is incredibly uninterested in her patients, instead she likes to focus on what her patients can do for her. Foregoing 50 minute sessions, she begins 3 min sessions where even the most attention-deficient person (which she herself is) can “get to the point of the matter” and forces them to bring their problems to the forefront.

Is it weird, that I should like to become one of her patients? I would like to forgo all of the feeling and dreams bullshit and get to what really makes people tick. The storyline demonstrates that despite the fact she is completely disinterested in her patients, she understands them all too well, although she does not understand herself. Is this not true of every person on the planet? And despite the fact that both patient and therapist are often left unsatisfied at the end of each episode or “session” we, the audience, is left with a myriad of questions and though provoking material to think about.

I myself have been in therapy and the prospect of explaining my family’s history yet again, or talking about the intricate details of why I am the way I am, is daunting and altogether off-putting. Instead, why not get to the point? Why not simply ask the questions, which we really want to know the answers to?

I hope this is something they explore further, and I hope that you join me in watching to see if they do.


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