Weekly Tidbits 9.1.2010

Of all the new tidbits I learned this week, the only one which could have been improved is if Dina Lohan was appearing naked with Lindsay in machete.

@manicsocratic: Analog Tweet @aliciamarie_v86 http://twitpic.com/2gg618
10 days ago

Absolute Vodka: Lemon Drop (Ali Larter)


Enrique Iglesias “I Like It (ft. Pitbull)”
That’s right, this song is by Enrique, complete with under-wear pillow fights. He’s mind-fucked you…. and you liked it.


High Places “I Was Born”

High Places – I Was Born from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Frankly, I didn’t care for the news this week. Too many people being ignorant. I say, stop the muslim classification as “other” than us. It can only lead to bad things. How many times does it have to be pointed out that the muslim community is not the problem. It’s extreme fundamentalists who morph their beliefs to justify terrorism. But we can’t put a neat little lable on those people, so it’s much easier to blame a set group.

BOOK: Mary Shelley “Frankenstein”
Do you have any children in your life? How old are they? I have two foster daughters 11 and 5. I was thinking the other day about how I should encourage the Chloe (11) to read to her younger sister Zhoe (5) as a way for them to bond and spend relaxing time together. It suddenly occurred to me, that I should still be reading to Chloe. There are plenty of novels which we could read together. I could explain things which she might not understand and words which she would have trouble pronouncing. This way, however, she could learn in a more advanced way. Is there someone in your life whom you should be reading to?

I found this lovely little article in the LA Weekly. I plan to become a regular reader, cause this is the most hilarious shit ever. (click to enlarge)

– Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
– First married couple to be shown in bed together on prime-time TV = Barney and Wilma Flintstone
– In English pubs, bartenders told their unruly patrons to “mind their pints and quarts” which has become “Mind Your P’s and Q’s.”
– The superstition of Friday the 13th did not appear until the late 19th century, although superstitions about both Friday and the number 13 have existed since the 16th century.


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