Friday the 13th: A Fresh Unlucky Beginning

It’s time to begin focusing on what matters, mainly my career and the life I’m beginning to carve out for myself. So while I’m still technically on my writing vacation, I can sit on my behind no longer. I’ll lay by the pool instead, and tell you about allot the things which has captured my attention (and keep me from finishing that novel.)


CA Judge Walker has set an end date for the hold on same-sex marriages. As of Aug. 18th, couples will be able to marry. Following his ruling that the voter approved Prop 8 was unconstitutional, the Amarican Bar Association drafted a proposal which backs his decision and calls for a nation wide approval of same-sex marriages.

Peat fires have raged through Russian all summer and continue to do so. For a definition and explanation of what a Peat fire is and how it relates to us in the US, click here.
“In Russia this summer, officials have reported 26,509 fires that so far have burned about 1.9 million acres. Of these fires, 1,104 were peat bog fires, covering a total of about 4,200 acres.”

Tweets of the Week:
@RachelKiley: Unfortunately, now I’m gonna go have nightmares about @hey_frey’s vagina teeth. Thanks guys. @Phoenix138 @koralatov

Technically this tweet from Ashley Edward Miller(@ashman01) occured 9 days ago, but we’ll over look this fact because it’s just too awesome:
Hollywood is the ultimate alcoholic parent. WHAM! “You know I still love you, baby?”
August 3, 2010 3:58:54 PM

Jed Whedon and the Willing have finally released their long awaited album, History of Forgotton Things. It’s every bit as artistically done as you would expect with its electronic sounds and folk sensibilities. It’s hard to choose a favorite song but Interstate” jumped out at me. Fan favorite “Drones” was featured on the TV show Dollhouse which Jed also wrote for. My favorite would have to be “Bad Son” which is reminicent of Air’s Virgin Suicides phase and is every bit as intense. It also features vocals by Jed’s wife Maurissa Tancharoen.

The Guild: “Game On”

“US woman goes on McNugget rampage”

as always,


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