Why the Rest of the World Doesn’t Understand Dollhouse

I was devastated and utterly shocked when I heard of Dollhouse’s cancellation. Perhaps I was in denial as io9 writer Graeme McMillan suggests but I had no clue that it was in trouble at that particular time. I was all set for a regularly scheduled run throughout the rest of the year. (Perhaps there was a little false sense of security given to us by FOX as well.) I have yet to cry at cancellation, but this I feel is only because having 9 more eps is keeping my spirits up. I happen to adore this show even more than perhaps even Buffy, which says a lot.

I love the creepy shows that make us question reality, human nature and the world around us. Isn’t this what all good sci-fi does? I love Joss’ work and I have grown to love the entire cast and crew. I even love Eliza. Faith was my favorite character on Buffy, and if it seems Eliza has a little more to learn about the world and acting, this is ok, we are all works in progress.

I may have been more in love with the show that could have been than the actual episodes, but now as we look forward to 9 all new episodes I can’t help but hope that we will finally see everything the crew could accomplish. And at the same time, I am almost scared to watch episodes which will undoubtedly make me fall even more in love with a show which has been cancelled and will leave me with nothing to comfort myself with in the end.
I think a conversation I had with my mother really showcases America’s opinions of the show:
Mom: “It could never happen.”
Me: “But what if it did?”
Mom: “But it never could so what’s the point.”
At this point I got huffy talked about the advancement of science and exploration of human nature, all of which she only partially listened to and proceeded to go about her day.
At the end of the day what did this accomplish? –> Absolutely nothing. If my mother’s reactions are any sign, America wouldn’t even have watched a single episode if I wasn’t their daughter, talking about it day and night and pointing to a specific episode which they might relate to. And when I first started to explain the show, her eyes immediately glazed out.
What does America (my mother) think of the show? –> Unrealistic and depressing. This is coming from the woman who reads the “critically acclaimed” fiction at target, all about cancers, dying and love lost.
Will this ever change? –> I have low hopes. After years of living with my substitute for general America, I’ve found that it seems some people will never be open to new experiences. This goes for me as well. (My lines are drawn at reality shows and plotless horror movies. Also movies which are advertised as so sad they will make me cry and somehow this will be heartwarming. Also the act of telling me they will make me cry, guarantees I wont.)
Will the world within Dollhouse be magically righted? –> Have you seen anything Joss Whedon has made?
Will all the answers to the universe be given? –> Considering the fact that the series finale has already been filmed and The United Nations hasn’t publicly acknowledged Joss for fixing all our problems, I think it’s a safe bet to say no.
Will I ever be happy with a television show again? –> Up in the Air. I can console myself with gLee and So You Think You Can Dance, but these are not shows which challenge the brain or get my heart racing, and gLee is quickly sliding downhill without any real plot lines to back it up. (Can we get a little action to go with out music numbers please? Even the good music videos have a little story arc.) In short without Dollhouse, or T:SCC (or even to go way back Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dark Angel, Roswell, and Friends, to name a list of my tv inevitable disappointments – Also Heroes, because it started off so good, and then they completely killed it and then killed the one character I could still relate to), I am left with no use for the free cable I ended up getting in my new apt. I am definitely left without the desire to actually pay for any of it.

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