He Had To Die

As I was re-watching this previous week’s episode of Dollhouse entitled “Belonging” (wasn’t that already used for an episode title?), I was struck by the thought that there was no where else for Nolan’s character to go.

He had to die.
Yet what gives me the right to say this? Who am I to judge what life is right and who lives or dies? If someone in the “real world” acted as Nolan has on this show do I really have the right to say that they should die? My immediate response would be “YES!” as many of yours would be as well I think. However I think we should take a moment to think about this.
Does the fact that he is hurting another human being make his own murder more just? Does the fact that his victim is killing her make it so? Animals hurt and rape each other all the time. Does this mean retribution is deserved on their behalf? If my cat went our and raped your cat, should my cat be put to sleep?
Perhaps I’m off in another contructed realiity of my own, and you are offended that I refer to Humans as animals. But what is it about this situation, that makes it right? And by supporting Priya/Sierra in her actions, are we not then murderers ourselves?
This all leads back to my own opinions on Capital Punishment. I haven’t yet decided which way I believe the world should go, however I do know that Capital Punishment, makes every citizen which supports that government an accomplice to murder. By the very nature of supporting a government which kills its own people, every citizen then becomes themselves a murderer.
Where this gets scary is think of the children of our society as murderers. They support our country as well. They grow up in a society in which it is socially acceptable to kill another citizen if his crime is horrible enough. What does this teach them?
What do you think? Let me know.

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