Harvey Milk Day
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I did not know Harvey Milk. I was not alive when he was alive. I am not friends with any of his friends and I didn’t even know he existed until about 9 months ago.

However Harvey Milk has profoundly impacted my life. Harvey Milk fought for my rights before I had rights to fight for. In a time when I could have been beaten, arrested and treated as a second class citizen for being who I am, Harvey Milk stood up for the rights of his fellow american citizens. He pioneered for the rights of the LGTB community and helped make the world a safer place for me to live in.

When he was assassinated, the world was robbed of one of it’s brightest stars.

The fight is not over. Our rights are still infringed on. I am still told that if I find the person whom I can love most in the world and trust to be by my side for the entirety of my life, I do not then have a right to pledge my loyalty and devotion to them. I am told that marriage is not a right for every human being. I am told that it is ok to treat some people different than I treat others, simply for the fact of one characteristic. I am told by the state that prejudice, is not only okay, it’s legal.

Some people have said they worry about the influence LGTB community members will have on the children of our society. I worry about the prejudice that is taught to them through the support of anti-citizen laws. That is what Prop 8 is: anti-citizen, anti-rights, and ultimately anti-human. What are we, if we cannot even treat each other and ourselves with respect.

Allowing a day to be named after Harvey Milk, will not harm the community of California. It will enrich it. It will promote the things that Harvey Milk stood for: peace, understanding, love and equality for all.

Don’t deny your citizens the right to stand together. Support Harvey Milk Day. Support California’s community.

Alicia-Marie Hutchinson
A Bisexual California Resident and San Diego State Student

P.S. I am not an OTHER. I am a member of the LGTB community and deserve to be recognized as such. Please rectify this oversight in your subject matter field.


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