The Lost Boys: The Tribe

It’s my own fault for watching a sequel without even watching the original first, but The Tribe wasn’t a complete waste of time. I got to see

Redeeming Qualities:
  • Motorcycles tricks and car chase (P.S. riding a skateboard while hanging onto the back of a motorcycle is awesmome
  • Theme Song: “Cry Little Sister”
  • Elizabeth Reeser post O.C. as Nicole
  • Miss Nicole’s creepy appearance at the window.
  • Creepy moment #2: Vampire resting on a chain with a reaper on the end (00:45:50)
  • awesomely gruesome blood and gore
Inexcusable Effect: alt. crush boy being dragged by thin air 30 across the floor while vampires walk behind him.
Inexcusable Character: Edgar Frog. His deep creepy voice is so cheesy it’s disgusting. Plus, he learned all of his vampire skills from Comic Books? Please. Did he learn his latin from Comic Books as well? It worked for the first film because we didn’t see a lot of him and he was still a child. There is no excuse for a grown man acting this way, even if it is just a movie.
  • Worst Line of Movie: Frog: Light a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Light a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.
  • 2nd Worst Line: Frog: Smells like fungus and death. It’s vampire B.O.
  • 3rd Worst Line: Frog: *sniffs* I smell ugly
  • 4th Worst Line: Nicole: He’s family asshole.
Annoying Plot Point: the other members of the tribe stabbing each other repeatedly and filming it… they are not bad ass in the slightest. The only bad ass vampire was the one they killed in the beginning of the movie.
All in all I give the movie about 3 out of 5 stars. One star just for being so stupid that it’s great.

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