New Home?

Ennis HouseImage via Wikipedia

Who else wants to buy this house?

I’m in love with it, and need it to become my home base of operations.

It’s for sale for a mere 15 million and more for various needed face lifts. On the up side, the house would bring you in lots of cash when films want to film in your home.

It’s the pyramid on top of Hollywood’s hills and I want it.

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2 thoughts on “New Home?

  1. Hi Alicia-Marie,The Ennis House :)I always thought it looked like how the future should have been and loved the irony that it was sucking up dollars by the million and simply disintegrating ever faster. Entropy!Yours sincerely, SJ_Edwards.

    • I think it’s such a wonderful blend of future AND past. It’s definitely one of the more interesting ones. If I had become an architect I think this would have been one of my main influences.

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