Sex and Vampires

This post is a response to an article in Double X Vampires, and the Sluts and Virgins Who Love Them by Latoya Peterson, an article in Tapped Sookie, I Am Vampear by , and Alyssa Rosenberg’s blog Baring Your Fangs.

In True Blood, Sookie is a virginal southern belle who doesn’t allow men to speak to her with an ounce of impropriety, however her first inclination towards sex is automatically the most dangerous and frowned upon choice. The result is the taste in our mouths that sex is bad, and that in any form it corrupts. I get the image of Sookie allowing horrible things to be done to her, as long as she’s spoken to like a lady while it’s happening. 30 minutes into the show, Sookie is having sexual fantasies and by the second episode, she and Bill have formed a permanent connection (through the drinking of his blood.) This connection is gained without her full consent or knowledge of the concequences. By the third episode, Sookie is marked as Bill’s. The feeling is that Bill has swallowed Sookie whole, and she has no choice in the matter.

The same applies to Twilight. Without her knowledge, Bella is followed, protected, watched over and marked as protected by Edward Cullen. Yes, this is where she wants to be eventually, however the actions have taken place long before she makes this decision. (You can read the version of Twilight through Edward’s eyes entitled “Midnight Sun” here.) The result is a woman coming to her full potential, sometimes without being able to control the choices in her life.

I wrote a response to this video which I think should also be included:
“It was definitely refreshing to watch this video, and the point it makes drives home.

I think Bella’s character is captivating for her faults and her eventual growth and in the end you find that she stays true to her own beliefs even if she cannot control the world around her. She ultimately becomes one of the most powerful vampires in the world, protecting those she loves. She does her best to deal with the chaos of the world.

We (fans) may relate to Bella in this way, however Buffy is who every girls wants to be. To be in control and have the self confidence and power to overcome the obstacles of the world.

They are both archetypes for the female world, simply different stages of growth.

Bella is the (perhaps perceived) reality while Buffy is the hope, dream and hero. “

I now have to add however that although Bella overcomes these obstacles, she does so by playing by the rules of others and Edward’s, not by making a path for herself. Everything she gets she eventually wants, however she doesn’t get a choice beforehand. This eventually leads even into her own body, when she becomes pregnant with a baby that could kill her. Perhaps she would have chosen to have this baby if she could have made a decision, however, she wasn’t given the option. I think this is where the distinction lies.

Buffy always fought back, and when someone tried to make her do something without her consent, she made sure she was making a choice, even if that choice was what others wanted to do. Even as Angel left her, Buffy knew that it was the right decision, and if she had really thought their relationship would have worked out, I think there would have been a lot more fighting to make it work.

Not on topic but also A Response to Alyssa Rosenberg’s blog Baring Your Fangs:
I think Alyssa is completely right with this statement. “Buffy wants to pretend its true, rather than acknowledging that it actually is true.”

I think the real reason that Buffy could never accept that Spike loved her was the inability for Buffy to believe that anyone truly loved her. Her father left, her mother is dead at this point. On some level I think that Buffy believes the only reason her friends hang around is because she is the slayer. They don’t love her for the person she is, because they don’t know the person she is in her mind. Angel loved her but that meant leaving. Riley said he loved her but that meant being separate as well.

Because of all of these relationships, Buffy believes herself unworthy of deserving love and incapable of leading a life or getting anything that normal people have. This includes love. Spike says to her. “You have a inferiority complex about your superiority complex.”

She sees herself as a separate entity both above and below the rest of the world, both demonic and human.

P.S. I think this also explains her relationship with Faith. If she believes this of herself, then another slayer would be the same. She treats Faith as if Faith is beneath her, because she believes the rest of the world should treat herself this way. Faith is wrong and off and maybe a little crazy because Buffy is wrong and off and maybe a little crazy. (Normal Again anyone?) The way she treats Faith, and the rest of the slayers is how she would treat herself.


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