Veronica Mars Episode Guide: Season Two

Season Two
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Episode 1: Normal Is The Watchword
  • They Say: “Try Encylopedia Brown.” After an emotionally tumultuous summer, Veronica swears off detecting – until sqeaky clean Wallace is kicked off the Basketball team after mysteriously flunking his drug test.
  • I Say: To quote Veronica – “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”

    Bonus includes watching Logan and Kendall (Charisma Carpenter) gettng it on. Gotta love the steam.

Episode 2: Driver Ed
  • They Say: Was the bus crash a dreadful accident or did the driver commit suicide and take a bunch of school kids with him? Veronica investigates questions of life and death – and makes a once and a lifetime decision.
  • I Say: Losing your virginity and Kevin Smith – What’s not to like.

Episode 3: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang
  • They Say: Love hurts, love scars. Beaver hires Veronica to discover the identity of his sexy stepmother’s boy toy, and Wallace is bewitched by an arrogant beauty who has plenty of time for other boyfriends.
  • I Say: Enter the bitchfight that is Veronica and Jackie.
Episode 4: Green-Eyed Monster
  • They Say: Who’s that trampy looking blonde with a wardrobe from Dirty Coeds R Us? Veronica poses as a hot-to-trot airhead to test the fidelity of a suspicious client’s boyfriend. Weevil provides a clue about the bus crash.
  • I Say: Learning to trust… not always as easy as it doesn’t look.
Episode 13: Ain’t No Magin Mountain High Enough
  • They Say: Neptune High’s Winter Carnival brings out the freaks – the arrogant, the envious, the nasty, the vengeful and apparently, the larceous: The carnival cash box goes missing while under Veronica’s care.
  • I Say: Watch out Veronica fans – this is the first appearance of Hannah. I know Logan and Veronica are meant to be… but if there could ever be someone else, Hannah would be it.
Episode 14: Versatile Toppings
  • They Say: At Neptune High, if you’re out you’re defiantely not in. The secret list of users for a chat room called Pirate’s S.H.I.P. (Student Homosexual Internet Postings) is ripped off by a theif who is also a blackmailer.
  • I Say: Lesbian Cheerleaders: Is there any better pander to male fantasy?
Episode 15: The Quick and The Wed
  • They Say: Get me to the church on time. Veronica searches for a bride who disappeared after the bachelorette party. Beaver expands hi real estate empire, Logan’s trial date is set and Terrence Cook is gunned down.
  • I Say: More Logan and Hannah tragedy.
Episode 16: The Rapes of Graff
  • They Say: During a Hearst College tour, Veronica runs into her bad-news ex, Troy, and Troy runs into trouble when he’s accused of date rape. More sexual misconduct: Cliff’s encounter with a hooker leaves him in an awkward position.
  • I Say: Troy’s back! Hannah’s Gone. Poor sad Logan.
Episode 17: Plan B
  • They Say: Clues in the hunt for Felix’s killer include a yellow toy truck and a real truck driven by a real witness, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance marks a change in the relationships between Jackie and Wallace, Mac and Beaver… and Veronica and Logan.
  • I Say: Wallace cheats – wtf! Beaver freaks out and breaks up with Mac! Thumper finally gets what he deserves – Kaboom!

    Check out Weevil’s confession and the creepy laughter at the end.

Episode 18: I Am God
  • They Say: Full fathom five. Victims of the bus crash drift in and out of Veronica’s dreams, dropping hints about what really happened. Wallace and Logan make surprising, and surprisingly effective, science-project partners.
  • I Say: Return of the Guidance Counselor.
Episode 19: Nevermind the Buttocks
  • They Say: A hit-and-run driver takes down a classmate’s dog… on purpose. When Veronica investigates, it seems every lead also leads to the Fitzgeralds, and to the bus crash.
  • I Say: Weevil kicks ass against the Fitzpatricks.
Episode 20: Look Who’s Stalking
  • They Say: Political connection. When the mayor finds himself in a motel room with an unconscience new friend clad only in her underwear, he calls Keith. Veronica helps the mayor’s daughter discovers whose been shadowing her.
  • I Say: Creepy creepy stalking Gia… Plus Leo’s back (So cute) and Logan fucks up… again… look out here comes another poor sad Logan moment.
Episode 21: Happy Go Lucky
  • They Say: As Neptune’s trial of the century begins, Veronica hopes her testimony will put Aaron Echolls away forever. Outside the courtroom, Veronica and Keith discover emails that link Mayor Goodman to an ugly secret.
  • I Say: Mayor McCreepy and His Creepy Lucky. Then there’s creepy Aaron Echolls. Episode is full of creepy.
Episode 22: Not Pictured
  • They Say: Who caused the school bus crash that killed all those kids? And Why? Veronica has her suspicions. You have yours. But there are shocking twists and turns to come before the answer is clear.
  • I Say: ……. no words

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