Dollhouse: Omega

So I have a little bit of unfortunate news.

I, the long time whedonite and eliza dushku fan have to admit that this initial pairing of the two has failed…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show. It has action and suspense and good acting, but in order for me to tune in, I have to see something extraordinary and out of the norm.

I saw that in the season finale of Dollhouse, but not from the main character, or plot line or even the main writing. Where I saw extraordinary was from a side character who before this point has had little or no screen time and has been given a supporting plot line. This is the Amy Acker as “Whiskey” phenomenon. Boy is Amy Acker delicious. She was hot, a completely new and interesting character and completely engaging as a psychotic killer and an innocent doll. Then she was astounding once more in her original character of Dr. Saunders.. I think everyone who has seen the show can agree that Amy Acker should be playing the lead role.

Mind you this is coming from an Eliza fan. When people said that Deichan was a better actress, i upheld my faith (pardon the pun) and stood by Eliza, believing that she could bring something more to the role, but she hasn’t, and Amy blew her out of the water.

Sorry Eliza, but I think it’s time you moved over. Amy Acker is queen.


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