Dollhouse…. Again

So simply because I don’t necessarily think that Eliza is the best in her character, does that mean I want the show canceled? Hell no! If the show could become just a little more ensemble oriented and Joss could put a little more focus in it, then I think it would have to be another favorite of mine, which means that Joss is filling up spaces in my top ten.

On that note I leave you with this, and feel free to contribute one of your own:


From: Marie Coffey

Subject: Can you renew Dollhouse?

Dear AskFox,

Is it possible for you to renew dollhouse? We (the fans) would really appreciate it – and it would possibly** stop all of us Whedon fans from talking bad about your company. There’s a bright lining eh?

If you could stop some of the negative energy, with just one teeny tiny more season of Dollhouse, wouldn’t it be worth it. Plus, with no more Terminator and no more Dollhouse, what would we sci-fi fans watch? We would just simply stop watching your channel altogether. Do you seriously want to take a hit like that?

Honestly, what do you have that’s better than Dollhouse?

Marie Coffey

**this is not a guarantee – if you do something else stupid then we are not under obligation to stop the mocking


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