I slowly undressed slipping each strap of my sundress slowly from my shoulders and felt the cool night air drift across each bare inch of skin. The cold excited my nerves as much as any warm hand would, and the knowledge that David watched only increased the sensation. As the dress slipped lower and uncovered my breasts his breathing became labored and heavy, his hands clenched to his sides as he promised they would be. I knew he wanted nothing more than to touch me, and feel my body burn beneath his own hands, but I wanted to teach him a lesson. He wasn’t indispensable. I could and would have a very powerful and earth shattering orgasm in about one moment, and it would have nothing to do with him.

David knew this too. As I looked into his eyes I saw the pain my cruel lesson was causing in him, and I reveled in it. After tonight he would finally completely understand as never before that I didn’t need him as he needed me. He loved me more than I would ever love him, than I ever could love him.

I wondered if he would leave me finally, if this would be the decisive straw. I smoothed my hand down the curves I had revealed. My skin lay naked and exposed covered only by the black lingerie I had bought earlier that day simply for this moment. I had planned all day how I would trick David into giving his promise not to touch me. I baited him with the promise that I would be the one doing all of the touching, and implied that he would be the one I touched. Almost instantly afterward he had realized of course that this was not the plan. He was intelligent after all. He had grown wise to my tricks and games.

The curves of my breasts and hips were smooth as I pressed against them with my palms, creating sensation of touching and being touched all in one motion and growing slowly impatient to be inside myself. I lowered my right hand down under the black lace of my panties while my left grabbed onto my inner thigh. Slowly at first and in a circular motion I circled my clitoris in a smooth exploratory motion, revealing in its knowing embrace. This was a well known path, explored often throughout the years. As body began to fill with quivering nerves, my index finger quickly began it’s practiced motion of back and forth rubbing movement sending convulsions into the inner workings of my womanhood. My breaths were even and cool even as I began to come undone, rising into an explosion of climax equally as powerful, and more complete than any man had yet to give me.

I looked up to catch David’s eyes only to see that he had left the room. I had made him promise not to interfere, but he had won in the end. He never promised to stay and watch.

I fixed my underwear and went to brush my teeth. David was in bed when I got back, with the light turned out and the door closed. I quietly slipped under the covers beside him. He did not turn over to hold me.


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