On the subject of those annoying mosquitoes and getting bit:
“Alicia-Marie: It’s because the anemic blood is sweeter.
Ben: Yes in all the blood I’ve tasted, the anemic is the tastiest.
Alicia-Marie: I was speaking on a cellular level. Positives are better as well.
Carolyn: I’m A+.
Alicia-Marie: Oh I am too. High Five.
Carolyn: Yeah I got the little card in the mail and I was like, ‘Ooh A+!’ but then I realized, oh no. G.P.A runs my life!
Alicia-Marie: No they deserved it. It’s reward for all they’re hard work.
Ben: Well if you grow up as an O all your life you’re gonna be good at filling in all those little circles on scan-trons.
Carolyn: Unless they’re sickle, those bastards are never getting into college.
Ben: No in college they have the square ones.
Alicia-Marie: Yeah the sickle ones fail throughout they’re entire lives and then get to college and say, ‘This is what I’m meant for!’ “

*Ben Saunders
**Carolyn Henderson


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